Operation principle and Advantages

Lobe pumps are positive displacement pumps whose operating principle is based on two counter-rotating elements called lobes, mounted on shafts that rotate inside a chamber, called pump housing.

The rotary motion of the lobes increases the volume of the pumping chamber on the suction side of the pump, creating a suction that draws fluid into the pump.

As the rotary movement continues, the fluid is then enclosed in the cavities between the lobes and the pump housing, and is then expelled from the outlet side.

Thanks to their symmetrical design, lobe pumps are reversible, allowing them to pump in both directions without restriction.

Why choose lobe pumps

Maximum efficiency with minimal space.
Their compact dimensions allow them to be installed in very limited spaces, while ensuring high performance and yields.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance without dismantling pipes.
The removable front cover allows immediate access to the pumping chamber, allowing the rapid replacement of all spare parts.

Great performance
  • flow rates up to 500 m3/h.
  • pressures up to 8 bar.
  • self-priming up to 8 meters deep.
  • possibility of short dry running.
High flow rate

Lobe pumps allow you to reach high flow rates of up to 500 m3/h with extremely limited dimensions.


The flow is perfectly reversible in both directions, making it flexible in any context.

Self-lubricated seal system

The self-lubricated mechanical seal system guarantees cooling of the seals even in the absence of product.