Operation principle and Advantages

Progressive cavity pumps are rotary positive displacement pumps whose main components that allow their operation are the rotor and stator.

The rotor is a screw with helical geometry that rotates eccentrically inside the stator around its longitudinal axis. The stator, which is not a mobile component, is made up of a steel cylinder with an elastomer vulcanized internally through an injection process; this elastomer has a double helix internal profile with a pitch double that of the rotor.

Through the rotation of the rotor, “closed cavities” are created, spaced 180° apart and delimited by the profile of the rotor and the stator, which move axially from the suction to the discharge of the pump.

The flow rate, in addition to being a function of the rotation speed, is directly proportional to three design constants: the diameter of the rotor cross section, its eccentricity and its pitch.

The pressure that the pump is able to generate depends on the number of stages of the rotor, each stage is conventionally made to correspond to a pressure of 6-7 bar.

Why choose progressive cavity pumps
Pumping of complex fluids

Progressive cavity pumps are used to transfer of the most diverse products, such as dense and abrasive muds, fluids containing solid particles, viscous fluids, thixotropic and dilating fluids, oils and emulsions, corrosive products and more.

Wide field of use

The application contexts are many and can be used for example in wastewater treatment, in biogas plants, in the drilling industry, in the wine and olive oil industries and much more.

Great performance
  • self-priming up to 8 meters deep.
  • flow rates ranging from a few l/h up to 260 m3/h.
  • pressures that can reach 50 bar.
  • constant and pulsation-free pumping, with a flow rate almost proportional to the rotation speed of the pump.

With minimal and easy maintenance, the absence of valves and low noise, our progressive cavity pumps are your best allies for pumping a multitude of products.

Personalized solutions

Our progressive cavity pumps are configured according to the specific needs of the customer, depending on the context and type of application, in order to guarantee the best performance and a longer life.

Robust and resistant

With a simple but at the same time robust structure, our progressive cavity pumps ensure a long and stable life over time, best resisting possible abrasive and corrosive components.