Bellin’s progressing cavity and lobe pumps can be used for pumping in a wide variety of applications in the chemical industry, the ceramics industry and the paper industry.

The chemical industry encompasses a large number of applications in which numerous products such as plasticisers, glues, urea, dispersions, kaolin, resins must be conveyed; Bellin’s progressive cavity and lobe pumps are particularly suitable for pumping these types of highly abrasive and corrosive products.

In the ceramic industry there is frequently a need to be able to convey products such as abrasive ceramic sludge, paints, stone-milling sludge, and wastewater; thanks to their ability to handle solids, good suction capacity and low pulsation, our pumps offer the best solution for the ceramic industry. Grazie alla loro capacità di movimentare solidi, alla notevole potenza di aspirazione e alle basse pulsazioni, queste pompe rappresentano la soluzione ideale per l’industria ceramica.

In the pulp and paper industry, Bellin’s progressing cavity and rotary lobe pumps are the best choice for stock and starch preparation, paper coating and sludge treatment; specifically, we can meet a variety of requirements at the various production steps involved in paper production.




During stock preparation the fibrous materials such as wastepaper, wood and cellulose are mechanically and chemically treated and finally fed into the proportioning system.

Products covered:

Progressing cavity pumps and/or lobe pumps are used for pumping:

  • Bentonite suspension
  • Cellulose
  • Coating
  • Dyeing
  • Flocculant
  • Mechanical pulp
  • Polymer solution
  • Resin size
  • Sodium hydrosulphide
  • Starch

Typical applications:

  • N SERIES and L SERIES progressing cavity pumps transport dyestuff, fillerstuff and glue to the proportioning system, rag pulp from the stock preparation to the proportioning system, waste paper rags to the stock preparation, waste paper rags within the de-inking process, waste water to further processing.
  • The T SERIES and LT SERIES progressing cavity hopper pumps (possibly with bridge breaker device) transport barked wood to the proportioning system, bleached fiber to the stock preparation.

Advantages: accurate matering of additives, low pulsation, conveying of products with high temperatures.


The machines used in the manufacturing process irrespective of the entire construction are largely made up of the same elements: headbox, filter section, press section, dryer and forming rollers. The fibrous materials are mixed in the stock preparation area prior to the headbox and enriched with auxiliary aids such as glue, kaolin and colorants. Thanks to their characteristics Bellin progressive cavity pumps are ideally suited for this.

The conveying action is gentle and of low pulsation, whilst the metering of auxiliary aids is exact as the speed and flow rate can be controlled.

Products covered:

Progressing cavity pumps and/or lobe pumps are used for pumping:

  • Calcium carbonate sludge
  • Paper stock
  • Waste water

Typical applications:

  • The N SERIES and L SERIES progressing cavity pumps transport glue and starch to the forming rollers.

Advantages: transport of viscous products, gentle, low-pulsation and accurate conveying.


The coating kitchen is the main application for Bellin progressive cavity pumps. This applies to the coating preparation as well as the feeding of coater in the coating system. The coater is located inside or outside the paper machine. Its task consists of placing the coating color onto the raw paper.

High quality coating color is made of pigments, adhesives and additives. Key pigments are calcium carbonate and kaolin. The adhesives are natural or synthetic. Additives are used, among other things, as brighteners or defoamers.

The Bellin pumps are particularly well suited for pulsation sensitive processes due to their optimized geometries with a high metering accuracy. They meet the highest demands of the technically highly developed paper coating and laminating process thanks to the gentle handling as well as variable speeds and flow rates.

Products covered:

Progressing cavity pumps and/or lobe pumps are used for pumping:

  • Binding agent
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Coating
  • Coating colour
  • Miscellaneous/additive agent
  • Pigment
  • Fabric softener
  • Starch

Typical applications:

  • N SERIES and L SERIES progressing cavity pumps transport the coating from the tank to the mixer
  • N and L SERIES progressing cavity pumps transport coating color from the mixer to the coater feed.

Advantages: conveying of products with high temperatures, particularly gentle conveying due to low shear.