Our lobe pumps are versatile and can be used for the collection and transport of waste oil from a variety of sources, such as industries, machine shops, farms, collection centres, catering businesses, body shops and other sectors.

These pumps can be installed on different types of vehicles, such as tanker trucks, flatbed trucks, container trucks, drainage tanks, trailers and vans. In this way, waste oils are collected from the various generation points and transported to specialised disposal and recovery centres, ensuring proper and environmentally friendly treatment.


A large part of the waste oil that arrives at the specialised centres can be recovered and reused, while the remainder is destined for final disposal, which includes special, hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Recoverable waste oils undergo various stages of treatment, through processes that transform them, in whole or in part, into new materials to be reintroduced into production and consumption cycles. Materials such as steel, iron and aluminium, which are widely present in everyday life, are particularly valuable as they can be recycled indefinitely. Used mineral oil, used to lubricate engines and industrial machinery, is a hazardous waste that can cause serious environmental damage if disposed of improperly.

The movement of bulk liquid waste (mineral oils, vegetable oils, oily emulsions) to or from the tank truck, or between the internal tanks, takes place by means of pumping systems. It is at this stage that our lobe pumps are used in waste oil recovery and disposal centres, ensuring efficiency and safety in the treatment of these materials.